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I had been striking more 4d both with Sglottery pick and on my own since I join in Dec 2017




I came across a facebook group and Join in Dec 2017 called

Singapore Lottery - Singapore 4D/Toto Prediction/Forecast - 新加坡博彩万字多多發財

 and sign up for the special 2 month access of Silver membership(Then called Gold membership).


Within a week, I decided to upgrade to unlimited access to Platinum membership as I want to learn about the tips and techniques of striking 4d which offer more than the Silver membership(then called Gold membership.


From within my 1st month with Sglottery, I keep postponing the 1-to 1 session with Sglottery due to workloads and Sglottery had been very patient in follow-up on the alerting when is the best time I can attend online.



After attending 1-to-1 session with Sglottery via the web.


Sglottery had a 1-to-1 session with me via the web for at least 5 hours, 2 hours more than the scheduled of 3 hours and allow me to understand how 4d games are being drawn, the basic of 4d, the trends and patterns, how to bet 4d and many others.


Not only since my Platinum subscription allow me to access 5-set forecast as the chances of striking 4d is almost every week or bi-weekly.


I strike my 1st 3rd prize from Sglottery on 10 Feb 2018.



Also how I strike 4D without any 4d commercial software


I download the weekly 4d spreadsheet every week as part of my Platinum Membership and match the 4d numbers given by that will aid this preparing for numbers that are covered in the 5-set forecast.


I read the Singapore 4D guide written by Sglottery and ask Sglottery when in doubts.


This had let me bet sound in picking 4d numbers for the next draw.





The journey of striking 4D/Toto more often with Sglottery started after I had attend 1-to-1 session with Sglottery via the Web.


Also as a Platinum member I can gain access to 5-set forecast rather than 1-set forecast as Sglottery is making the membership signup process and accessible easy for members which Sglottery told me.


I also access to other tools that aid me to strike 4d on my own as well.





The journey of striking 4d Strike at


We follow trends and patterns to strike 4d rather than methods that had short lifespan…..


Why short lifespan of methods?


Methods lottery punters found out have beginner luck but what happen the machine and ball-sets keep changing, what should you do? Change methods again.


Understanding trends and patterns of 4d require time and effort. What you can learn at Sglottery can allow you to follow the trends and patterns without the needs to know what machine or ball-sets use at 4d Live Draws.


Think of the long run in striking 4d than expect quick win.



Want to get next draw 4D/Toto forecast from Sglottery, Get Started Today

Written by : sglotteryadmin

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