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Seem like a lottery punter is teaching how to bet Toto



Hi! Where to access your Toto Forecast track record?

Also can I ask you need Toto Track Record for ?


To determine how successful your prediction is.

Quite disappointed.  Many of your system 12  got 3 winning numbers correct only and could win about  $840.

Because system 12 costs $924, the ticket buyer still loses money.

I hope you can improve your prediction method.


mon draw had a 4+0 which won $3,640 from system12, didnt you had see it.

First were orginated from

ao what does 4dsiao mean to you ?

mean i m more to 4d than toto.

so do u knoe that the chances of system 12 in   6/49 is 1 every 150,000.

also are you a paid subscriber to make such a  comment?  I do not have your name or email on record .

Normally such comment are made by paid susbcribers which will taken into further consideration.

So far not members would not spend $924 on toto. they rather spend on 4d and system7.

I dun know why you had made e comments unless you are considering to sign up but taken a back by the track record or are you offering similar services online.



Please cool down. I do not offer similar services online.

I was just attracted by your recent promotion( 2months of 4D/Toto access) and wanted to know more information before considering signing up.

Best regards,



Seem like lottery punter is teaching Sglottery how to bet Toto especially on System 12

First what is the ultimate objective in Sglottery Toto forecast?

To bet on System 12 only on estimated jackpot prize of at least $4,000,000 or $7,000,000 rather than regular estimated jackpot prize of $1,000,000

Sglottery know that betting System 12 would get you $840 when the bet amount for system 12 is $962.

The ultimate goal is strike 1 Toto System 7 forecast on a more regular basis and at least Group 3 and above rather striking regular Group 7.

Secondly why the lottery punter/visitor didn’t see the correct track record or latest track record.

Thirdly, why is the lottery punters/visitor telling a forecaster who know better than a casual lottery punters/visitor who only bet on adhoc basis when the estimated jackpot prize is at least $4,000,000 or $7,000,000

Written by : sglotteryadmin

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